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Older News

Movie Soundtrack News
John Williams, who is currently working on the score for Steven Spielberg's "AI," will develop the soundtrack for the upcoming Harry Potter movie. Williams plans to write the music this Spring/early Summer before heading to London in August to record it.

Minibooks Being Released
With rumors now that "HP and the Order of the Phoenix" is more than two years away from being released, JK Rowling has written two Harry Potter "minibooks" slated for a March release: "Quidditch Through the Ages" and "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." The proceeds from these books, the latter of which is a textbook, will go to underpriviledged children.

JKR Honored
JK Rowling was selected as a member of Britain's "Who's Who" guide for 2001. The guide has been published for over 150 years. Rowling joins, among others, boxer Lennox Lewis and 007 actor Peirce Brosnan.

We have just added some great fanart by Tali.   You can see the artwork here; and be sure to check out Tali's site, The Harry Potter World.
[from lauren]

John Cleese has signed on to star as Nearly-Headless Nick in the HP movie, which is filming in London. Cleese is best remembered for his hilarious roles in the British "Monty Python" and "Fawlty Towers" comedy series. What a perfect fit for the role and the movie!
[from rizkar]

We are proud to announce our first artist feature! Harry Potter fanatic Se has contributed some  beautiful fanart for us to display on the site. Check it out over here.   Se's site is called Knockturn Alley;   be sure to check it out for more fanart and other cool HP stuff. If anyone of you want to contribute fanart for us to put up on the site, please send it in by emailing it here.
[from lauren]    

Book 5 will probably not be released in July of 2001, as was previously stated. The reason is that JK Rowling took a short break after writing Goblet of Fire. This is disappointing news for HP fans. Additionally, Rowling has said that the new book, titled "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," will also be considerably shorter in length than Goblet of Fire.
[from lauren]

The name of Book 5 has been let out of the hat!! Here it is:  "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix".  JK Rowling let that one out during a recent interview.  Please post what you think about this title and what you think the book may be about in the discussion board area.
[from rizkar]

Also, a new rumour has been found by a young girl in London. It goes as folowing: In  book 4,  Crouch goes missing in page 485.   However, in paragraph 9 of page 503, Crouch reappears to say "Dumbledore, come!". This is a  mistake, it is actually Cornelius Fudge who should have said this.... When contacted, Bloomsbury admitted to this mistake.
[from rizkar]

I have tons of new fact, we had to create a separate page to fit them all. Click here.
[from lauren]

A huge amount of Harry Potter collectibles are available online these days. People are auctioning off collector editions, first-print books and other rare Harry Potter items valuable to die-hard fans and collectors. To find out more about the HP collectibles and memorabilia, check out AuctionWatch to Search hundreds of auction sites using's Universal Search!
[from lauren]

We have finally gotten around to starting our own harry potter club. If you would like  the latest Harry Potter news, notification on updates to this page, and book recommendations via email or at the club then join everyone else right here.
[from lauren]

Finally, the Harry Potter characters have been chosen for Warner Brothers' upcoming movie! The roles of Ron, Harry, and Hermione will be played by Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe,  and Emma Watsony, respectively. Check out a picture of the soon-to-be superstars here.
[from rizkar]

Warner Brothers will make an announcement on Monday regarding its upcoming Harry Potter movie. Much speculation has been made regarding who will play the role of Harry and it is expected that WB's choice will be announced. WB had previously announced that they were looking for British children only, between the ages of 9 and 11, to play the roles of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The role of Hedwig has already been cast -- it will be played by a white owl named Ook ... read more
[from yahoo news]

Expect the first Harry Potter video game to be released soon! Electronics Arts announced that they have won the rights to develop games for the Potter series. If you have any suggestions on what kind of games should be developed (i.e. RPG, arcade, etc.) please post them to the bulletin board ... read more
[from yahoo news]

we've been putting together a list of "mistakes" in books 1-4. please note that a mistake could be something that readers just don't understand or something subtle that jk rowling will reveal more about in a future book. for the time being, please submit any mistakes you know of to us via email. the list we have compiled will be up shortly.
[from rizkar]

ok, I know book 4 hasn't  been out all that long, but people all over are making speculations left, right, and center about the contents of books 5, 6, and 7.  while little is actually known about book 6, those who are in the know (as well as those who aren't) are anticipating things such as hermione's becoming a prefect (and then head girl...?), professor lupin making a return, and some serious revelations being made about lily potter. if you have any info, guesses or ideas as to what potter fans should expect in the upcoming books, be sure to post them in our discussion forum! can't wait to find out more about these speculations? ... read more.
[from anna]

whyisn't 'goblet of fire' on the new york times' best seller list? after all, in recent weeks it has outsold all books, fictional or true, for adults or children, hands down. well, apparently the times' book review, the most respected and well-known in the united states, has decided to create a new best seller list for 'children's books' and is placing the harry potter books there instead! ignoring the fact that close to half of harry potter fans are adults, the move seems rather sudden and suggests the ny times review may have been just a bit anxious when they realized that a story for 'kids' about wizardry and magic was outselling 'true works of literature', doesn't it? ... read more

an (in)famous slip-up? did jk rowling make a blunder at the very end of "the goblet of fire"? it appears she may have made a mistake in writing harry's climactic fight with voldemort near the end of the book four... read more

casting call! casting and preparations are underway for filming of the first harry potter movie, "harry potter and the sorcerer's stone." apparently scores of young british boys have been screen tested to play the role of harry, but one has yet to be found. visit warner bros' official site of the upcoming movie for details on how you (yes, you!) may qualify for a role  in what is likely to become one of the most eagerly anticipated children's films of all time. the movie is currently scheduled for a November, 2001 release.
[from rizkar]

a new zealand school has decided to ban its teachers from reading aloud any excerpts from the harry potter books due to complaints about the book's references to magic and wizardry.... read more
[from yahoo news]

as was anticipated, enormously high sales of  'goblet of fire' across the world continue and many are having trouble getting their hands on the latest in the potter series. the book has already broken records in across the united states and around the world.... read more
[from yahoo news]

jk rowling will be making an appearance at the toronto skydome where she will read harry potter excerpts to an enormous gathering of fans. a book-reading at a baseball stadium? that's how popular harry potter has gotten! .... read more
[from yahoo news]

coming soon! we'll be posting the latest scoop on forecoming harry potter book 5! jk rowling has not shed very much light on the topic, but we'll post what has been leaked about potter 5, which is scheduled for a july release in 2001.
[from lauren]

just how global is harry these days? moren than you probably think, he's catching in in india and germany, and being translated faster than you can say 'hogwart.'
[from lauren] .

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