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There has been a lot of talk and controversy regarding mistakes, inadvertant or meant, in the Harry Potter books. I'd like to share what I consider to be some of the best mistakes that have caught people's attention across the web....

Book 1:
+ In chapter 7, after Harry's turn at the sorting hat it says there are 3 more people to go, but there are actually 4: dean, lisa, ron, and blaise.
+ Harry buys one thousand magic herbs and fungi but at the end of the story it refers to his one hundred magic herbs and fungi...
+ Dumbledore says he has just a little Elixir to take before he and his wife die -- but the Elixir makes you immortal.

Book 2:
+ On page 283, the word professor is spelled with an extra "r" at the end.*
+ On page 132 Hermione says Moaning Myrtle haunts a toilet on the first floor, but on page 395 Harry refers to her haunting a toilet on the second floor. This isn't really a mistake because in the UK, the first floor is the Ground Floor, so the second floor is labeled "1".

Book 3:
+ On page 285, Snape is misspelled as "Snap" when it says "Snap picked up the Zonoko's bag." *

Book 4:
+ Professor McGonogall says the password is "lemon drop" in the second book, but in this book, Harry Potter says it is "sherbet lemon". ^
(A lot of people have emailed us saying that this isn't a mistake and that the password actually changes from time to time.)

What do you think about these mistakes? please post your comments in the bulletin board and email us if you know of any other possible mistakes.

* may not appear in all editions
^ could be due to a differences between editions.
[from rizkar]

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