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Azkaban and Beyond!
A Site For Harry Potter Fans and Fanatics!

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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - a must-see for potter fans. 
30th Century Hogwarts - great site worth checking out. 
WolfPack Productions - another great hp site presented by wp productions. - large collection of Harry Potter news and articles. - Harry Potter Group - Ideas and fun - Join our writer's group!
The Hogwart's Express - find out about the train. 
Selected HP Links - easily the best potter links site on the web. 
Wyndelinn School of Witchcraft - with many magical areas for witches and wizards. 
The Unofficial Original HP Dictionary - complete, easy to use guide to all things Potter. 
Fans of Harry Potter - with a bulletin board and chat room 
Fawkes's Perch - the rules of quidditch and much more
The HP Pronunciation Table - comes in handy!
Another Great HP Site - with info on the upcoming HP movie, and tons of other info.
Harry Potter RPG - earn points, take classes, and more.
The Enchanted Hogwarts - another great HP RPG.
Quidditch Online - play Quidditch online, arcade style.

Harry Auf Deutsch - Very popular German HP Community.
Harry Potter Homepage - Tons of HP Links
Zaubertrunk - Links, HP chat, and more.
Voila Owlfeathers HPK - Comprehensive dictionary of HP terms!
Harry Potter Encyclopaedia - Brush up on your HP terms and characters
Everything about Harry Potter - German fansite - Good fan site

HarryPotterFan.Dk - HP term definitions, interviews with JK, and more!
HP & The Secrets of Magic - Diagon Alley, Hogwarts Calendar, & More!
KMY's Site - HP fan site
HP Domain - Books, Hogwarts School, a Chat and more.



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